Like most kids, I could barely stand the wait for Christmas to arrive. Now it seems to come far to quickly. I was at Cracker Barrel in early November when a “helpful” clerk reminded me there was only 9 more weeks before Christmas. Dinner tasted a bit strange.  Read

From Here to There

“Vision,” by definition, requires anticipation of things that are not yet real. It’s the ability to look past the moment and see in your heart and mind what’s possible. God gives visions in the Bible (sometimes literally) to communicate His redemptive plan. That’s still true today. Yet when God gives a vision, He usually doesn’t include a detailed roadmap. Rather, the Lord asks us to “walk by faith and not by sight.” Faith in the His sovereignty, wisdom, and goodness. Faith that He is in us through Christ. Faith that He will use each right step to accomplish His purpose — and redeem the missteps. Faith that He knew what He was doing by giving you the vision in the first place!  Read


Doxalyst is focused on vital disciple-making movements which saturate entire communities and cities with the good news of Jesus Christ. Media strategies and technology tools are simply a means to bring this about more quickly and effectively. One of the key, indispensable elements needed for such movements to flourish is focused, ongoing prayer.  Read

Immanuel: With Us, For Us

“…and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’” (Matthew 1:23, quoting Isaiah 7:14)   Read


I’m challenged to relate the vision God has been shaping in me… in under 500 pages. In many ways, I’m still learning to express it: to find the words that will communicate, and the boldness to write them. To express something that is far, far bigger than I am — which I have no hope of ever accomplishing apart from God. I’m not so much worried that He won’t come through… I’m freaked out that He will!  Read