Doxalyst is focused on vital disciple-making movements which saturate entire communities and cities with the good news of Jesus Christ. Media strategies and technology tools are simply a means to bring this about more quickly and effectively. One of the key, indispensable elements needed for such movements to flourish is focused, ongoing prayer.  Read

Immanuel: With Us, For Us

“…and they will call him Immanuel, which means ‘God is with us.’” (Matthew 1:23, quoting Isaiah 7:14)   Read


I’m challenged to relate the vision God has been shaping in me… in under 500 pages. In many ways, I’m still learning to express it: to find the words that will communicate, and the boldness to write them. To express something that is far, far bigger than I am — which I have no hope of ever accomplishing apart from God. I’m not so much worried that He won’t come through… I’m freaked out that He will!  Read

Course Adjustment

Over the last year or so, the Lord has been been revealing and refining a vision in my heart: using media and technology to accelerate movements of disciples making disciples in communities, cities, and regions worldwide. This vision is far bigger than me, and quite daunting… I honestly have no idea about the how, only the Who. As with any big step of faith, there’s bound to be twists and turns, setbacks and jumps forward that must be taken in stride.  Read

Fruitful Obedience

At the core of our mission and vision, both my own focus and that of the larger effort with European immigrants, is the concept of “discipleship movements.” Like other phrases in the “Christianese” lexicon, it’s shorthand for a very deep and compelling truth that risks becoming so familiar it loses meaning. What’s more, it begs a critical question that must be answered in a Biblical way: What does it really mean to follow Jesus?  Read

Praying Forward

Here’s the gist of my new mission: I’m headed to a continent that is home to great cathedrals but awash in spiritual darkness. I’ll be with a team working to make disciples who make disciples in immigrant communities. Many of these people are lost in a deceptive religion of shame and fear. And from this context, I’ll be pursuing the vision God’s given me for developing technology tools and media strategies to accelerate the growth of discipleship movements in communities and cities around the world.  Read